Born Jason Bighetty, A member of the Mathias Colomb Cree Nation, Jasyn was born in Flon Flon Manitoba, and raised in Thompson Manitoba.  He was adopted into the Lucas Family before his first birthday.  He grew up in Thompson and graduated from RD Parker Collegiate.

In 1999 Jasyn moved to North Vancouver, where he would later graduate from Capilano College with a Diploma in Studio Art.

Jasyn has had many jobs over the years as a cook, waiter, car detailer, but finally in 2007 would choose to dedicate all of his time to a career as a visual artist and painter.  He mainly works with Acrylic on canvas, both hand painted applications and Airbrush.  He believes strongly in finding a balance in both traditional and contemporary applications.  This balance in his art he carries throughout his everyday living as well.

Jasyn mainly paints animals and landscapes. “I want my paintings to be therapeutic, a breath of fresh air and stress free , so I paint interpretations of what I see around me that bring me peace”.  Jasyn is a well-rounded artist that has also worked in a variety of areas such as abstract expressionism, surrealism and sculpture.

Bio-2Jasyn works out of Thompson Manitoba, and continues to travel doing shows all across the country.  His main goal is to focus on developing his skills further and using technology to have a stronger international presence.